Really Boring Policy Stuff

Mine, All Mine!

This blog is my blog. All mine! The views represented herein are mine. Except when I publish a guest post. Then they’re someone else’s, but generally someone cool and non-shady.

Affiliate Links & Disclosure Policy

I use affiliate links sometimes. I only recommend things I really like and have actually used/read myself. You obviously don’t have to buy anything through my affiliate links, but if you do, the product costs you the same amount it would otherwise and I get a small commission for recommending it.

Some of the merchants I have affiliate relationships with include (but are not limited to), LocationRebel, Girls Guide to Web Design, and Orphic Workshop.

Comment & Trackback Policy

I love comments. Leave them! But if you’re just promoting your own site or not otherwise contributing to the conversation, they will be deleted.


Your information is yours, not mine. If you are so kind as to sign up for my newsletter and provide your name and email address, I will never ever ever ever ever share that with anyone else or sell it or do evil things with it.

If you sign up for the newsletter, you will sporadically get emails from me which are hopefully fun and enjoyable, but if you stop wanting them, you can unsubscribe any any time. No hard feelings.

Anything else?

Feel free to contact me any time about anything. I’d love to ‘meet’ you.